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  • “Echoes of Stephen King and Chuck Palahnuick can be felt with it’s brash, dissonant and brutal universe with a hint of Haruki Murakami for it’s moonlight poeticism.”

    -Shaun Morris, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Vampire Americana is no ordinary vampire novel. Instead, it takes place during a futuristic period in a much changed world, both socially and politically. Vampires are documented, medicated, counseled and have guardians who are held responsible for them. Despite all this, there are humans who don’t accept them, and for good reason.”

    -Kazzrak, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Unfortunately too many of us groan when we see ‘another vampire book.’ I can’t say it too many times, this is in a league of its own, really. It a has a very modern, futuristic , and realistic feeling, and not the stale ancient blood rite nonsense that we are all bored to death of.”

    -Valiant M., Amazon Reviewer
  • “Jim’s dark humor had me hooked right away. His internal monologue allows you to crawl so deep inside of his mind you might never want to leave. He is the embodiment of what I would deem an anti-hero- my favorite kind of character.”

    -Ashleigh D., Amazon Reviewer
  • “Vampire Americana is a hard hitting, but easy to read novel where outsiders are treated like second class citizens and are required to be handled by an overseer. It is highly original and is definitely the first dystopian vampire story that I have ever encountered. It is the perfect blend of both genres and I recommend it to fans of both.”

    -Kevin Lintner, Amazon Reviewer
  • Vampire Americana can act as the literary world’s more intellectual cousin to the juggernaut that is The Walking Dead. A good read, through and through.”

    -ReadingOtherPeople, Amazon Reviewer
  • “You won’t find any Sparkling Vampires or sickening teenage one true love scenarios. R.G. Tamaki has taken a genre that has been beaten to death, resurrected, and beaten again. He has taken it and turned it into something that is now fresh and exciting.”

    -Steve, Amazon Reviewer
  • “My favorite part of a good novel is the internal dialogue of the characters no movie can offer, it lends you insight into the character the author truly wanted to portray and our Jim Cadillac is self deprecating, self loathing and scared, much like we are as humans.”

    -S. Massey, Amazon Reviewer